Distribution of leaflets

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to attract attention to your product or service you offer – is leafleting.

This advertising campaign can produce several very effective ways:

  • Distribution of leaflets at subway stations;
  • Unfolding flyers under windshield wipers of parked cars;
  • Distribution of leaflets with the prints when they are sold;

Attracting mass buyer in several ways

Distribution of leaflets today there are many ways to promote products and services. The most common method used by most firms and companies, is advertising in the media.

Experience has shown that unaddressed advertising in the media, informing the mass market a new product or service, does not always produce the expected result. In addition, advertising in the media is quite expensive. Spending on such advertising can afford not every selling a product or service organization. Towards a more effective and inexpensive way of advertising a good product, its low price, the existing system of discounts on goods and services, is the distribution of leaflets.

Bright colourful leaflets, getting himself into the hands of a potential buyer, immediately arouse interest. If a potential buyer of goods or services, did not immediately go to the specified address in the leaflet, he is sure to do so in the near future, because the address and telephone number will remain with him.