Distribution of leaflets: Office, mailbox, under windshield wipers

Distribution of leaflets in mailboxes – one of the “workers” forms of advertising. Due to what? Circulation. He always works. In Moscow – 2.5 million. Mailboxes. We threw all of Moscow (2 million.) For 130t.r. – It’s inexpensive for a draw. For your information, make such circulation, say, by the promoters of the metro stations will cost incomparably more expensive (several million). This type of advertising is working on returns.

Die Ansprechpartner in der OPS GmbH haben auf Grund langjähriger Erfahrung als Druckzentrumsleiter und Berater ein fundiertes Wissen in der Druckindustrie , der Verpackungsmittelindustrie und in Service & IT. Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache und verstehen welches Personal Sie in der Zeitarbeit suchen. Das Recruiting-Team besteht aus Spezialisten des Personalwesens, die bereits viele Jahre bei uns sind. Unser Vertrieb ist nah an unseren Kunden und kennt sich detailliert in der Technik und den Prozessen des Outputmanagements aus.

Why is it so cheap? We combine a flyer on two firms: one side – you, the other – they are.

Distribute flyers with our help, you will cost much cheaper than their own. Our people have the right set of 6-8i flyers. That is, the payment is reduced 5 times.

How does this work? You specify the areas where it is necessary to distribute promotional material, Manager reports this information circulation manager, who, in turn, makes the plan of your posting flyers on the basis of areas and distribution dates. Next, your promotional material falls into the hands of the distributor, which goes to the area and distribute leaflets issued to him on the map (the map is divided into lots and streets with these houses on them).

Distribution of leaflets using mailboxes – incredibly cheap and effective way to advertise. What makes this such a great way to advertise? Dvuhmilionny circulation of leaflets distributed in about one hundred and thirty thousand rubles! Why is it so cheap? – You may ask. All the matter in considerable savings on printing services plus a special way of distribution. Leaflet is a piece of paper, one side of which the advertising company pays for your advertising, and the second – to another firm.

This allows you to halve the cost of printing press. At the same time decrease the cost of shipping eschV—Ď more as one employee of the advertising company delivers to one mailbox huge number (six, eight or even more) handbills, whereby the cost of shipping is divided among more than a dozen different companies. By the way, extend the circulation of two million leaflets printed by the promoters, for example, near the metro station, would come out much more expensive (several million). Wide coverage of the audience on the face.

In addition, such advertising is remarkable by the fact that the letters and newspaper gets almost everyone and therefore – all have to check their mailboxes. Advertising in this case always reaches the consumer and is usually not ignored.

So, if you are interested in this kind of advertising services, please contact our agency and we will arrange for you such services. We have extensive experience in Moscow and will be able to arrange delivery of your flyers in the mailbox every city. You also can choose those areas of Moscow, which should be based on your flyers in mailboxes each entrance. Advertising in doorways works for your success!

Distribution of the offices and under the windshield wipers of cars

For those whose audience – interested entities, we are able to deliver leaflets or booklets in any office in Moscow. We can also arrange the layout of leaflets under windshield wipers of cars to attract wealthy clients. Our company can arrange any services BTL-advertising in Moscow. In this case, you get the highest quality services at a reasonable price. Call us, and you will not be disappointed.

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