Methods of distribution of leaflets and their benefits

These are the methods of distribution:

  • distribution of leaflets among the street;
  • at bus stops;
  • directly in the store, the goods sold;
  • distribution of promotional materials to mailboxes in various areas of the city.

Each method has its advantages. Leaflets on the street offered every potential buyer of goods or services, which will save the address and phone store and use them at the right time.

Such leafleting draws attention to the advantage of the goods. Leaflets, which are offered directly to the trading organization, help the buyer to pay attention to a certain group of the advertised goods or services. Flyers offered at public transport stops, allow a potential buyer to carefully study the advertised product or service during the journey to a destination and make a decision.

Young people handing out leaflets, always attracted the attention of passers-by. They often have a distinctive brand names, companies, firms or shop whose goods advertised. They are smiling, friendly, that is the same friendly response of a man who offers colorful leaflet. Often people themselves fit and interested in the advertised product or service at distributing leaflets young man.

Such actions not only promote awareness, but also to clearly explain the benefits of a product or service, increasing the use of a point of sale or service center, which in turn contributes to product popularity and credibility of potential buyers.

Handing leaflets target audience.

Some types of goods and services are intended solely for the target audience. For example, cosmetics, medicines, dietary food, spare parts for cars and more. It is very important to distribute leaflets to the very people who are interested in purchasing a product or service.

Therefore, the distribution of printed advertising materials, depending on the type of goods or services, carried out among car owners, people who consume diet foods and so on. Typically, the distribution of leaflets, distributing them among the target audience in societies motorists, spas, beauty salons, etc., are engaged in postal workers. Target audience – is a reliable and faithful buyer of your specific product.